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The Institute of Dispute Resolution was founded in 2012.  Previously known as Jon Graham Consulting, ISDR has been offering mediation for over 16 years.

ISDR uses two mediators for most cases.  We draw upon a pool of experienced practitioners and assign a team that is best suited to meet the needs of each case.  In most cases, a gender balanced team in used.

Our mediators come from a range of professional disciplines including law, business, HR, commerce, government and social work.

Our mediators are registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners, who are able to issue Section 60I certificates where appropriate under the Family Law Act, 1975.


ISDR charges fees for services. Fees are charged at an hourly rate according to the table in the service flyer.


Family Dispute Resolution - Child Informed Practice - Property Settlements - Elder Mediation - Wills and Estates - Workplace  - Mediation - Conflict Coaching