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Why Us?

Jon Graham is the Clinical Director of ISDR.  Jon has been offering dispute resolution, conflict consultancy, and mediation since 1994.  The work of ISDR focuses on bringing unique approaches to the resolution of disputes.  ISDR works with families affected by a history of violence, estrangement, drug and alcohol issues, and mental health concerns.  ISDR works with organisations where cultures are strained, and people don’t always feel safe.

ISDR works hard to bring change for the better in relationships.

Since 2015 Jon Graham has selected small groups of mediators to work along side him in the Specialist Dispute Resolution Services.  Each intern is highly skilled in general mediation, and is completing accreditation in a dispute resolution specialty.



Why mediate?

Mediation is less expensive, less time-consuming and less damaging than litigation. It leaves the control of the outcome with you and allows you to fashion your own solutions.

Family mediation focuses on the rights of children.  ISDR provides opportunities for the voice of children to be heard during the mediation process.

Mediation enables the possibility for relationships to be repaired.


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