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 The Standard Fee for Family Mediation  with  ISDR is $230.00 per person per  hour  (plus GST).

 ISDR accepts Cash, Credit Cards or Direct  Deposit. Fees can be paid separately,  divided equally or as a single payment.

 Number of Hours Per Session (est)

  Pre-mediation Appointment - 1.5 hours

  Mediation (Joint Session) - 3 hours

  Agreements, letters, email and telephone   support - Charged in 15 min intervals

Property and

Future Financial Support


Financial security after separation requires discussions between ex-partners.  Sometimes those discussions are hard fought; surrounded by hurts, grief and sadness.  We can help.

Support through the process of finding future security occurs through a structured process using online tools and tailored negotiation processes.  

We work with you to find a resolution at your pace.

 Legal Advice

 ISDR recommends that all clients seek legal

 advice before, during and after mediation.  

The best agreements are reached when everyone understands not just their rights, but also their responsibilities.  

 Support for Organisations and Professionals

  • Workplace Mediation, Coaching, and Team building

  • Review of Critical Incidents

  • Practice Supervision and Case Consultation

  • Training

  • Complaints Handling

  • Personal counselling


 Our Specialist Support

Jon Graham and Lorri Yasenik provide support for families, couples and individuals seeking specific support.  Finding a way forward is hard, and sometimes the knowledge and experience of others can really help.  Speak with us about:

  • Family violence, abuse and control

  • Child and adult trauma

  • Children rejecting a parent and concerns relating to alientaiton.

  • Complex family issues including drugs and alcohol, and mental health concerns

  • Separation over State and National   boarders

  • Grandparent involvement in children's lives

  • Care of parents and the elderly and siblings disputes

  • Parent child conflict

Post Separation Parenting Arrangements

 When parents separate, they want to make wise  decisions about future parenting of their children.

  •  Care arrangements in two houses

  •  Holidays and special days

  •  Extra curricular activities

  •  Health and welfare

  •  Time with extended family

  •  Travel and relocation

  •  Schooling and religion

  •  Section 60 I Certificates

  •  Parenting Plans

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