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Jon Graham
Founding Director

Jon is a nationally accredited mediator, a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDR) and is a clinical supervisor of family mediation practice.  His practice focuses on the fields of family law mediation, and particularly the areas of high conflict, family violence, and other complexities. Jon is a highly respected lecturer in mediation practice, both in Australia and internationally.  Since 2016 Jon has formed a collaborative partnership with Dr Lorri Yasenik in Calgary Alberta. Focusing on how children’s voices are heard particularly in extreme conflict separations.

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Jon Graham

Founder and Director

0405 459535

+61 405 459535

Jon is based in Sydney Australia and provides dispute resolution and coaching services from the office in Sydney Australia.  Jon travels to Canada for up to 4 months each year and provides online support to practitioners and families across Australia and Internationally.


BA (Psy) Macquarie


Cert IV Workplace Training and Assessment

Lorri Yasenik
PhD Director
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Lorri Yasenik is the Co-Director of Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Lorri is a Certified Supervisor of Child Psychotherapy and Play Therapy and delivers certified training programs nationally and internationally in the area of child therapy and child inclusive practice. Lorri is a Registered Family Mediator, and Registered Parenting Coordinator-Arbitrator. Her areas of expertise are in the fields of separation and divorce, child centred mediation/parenting coordination, treatment of trauma, family violence, adjustment,  and the spectrum of children’ s mental health problems. 

Lorri Yasenik


+1 (403) 651 5666

Lorri is based in Calgary Alberta and visits Australia for around 4 months a year.  Lorri is available for online appointments supported by face to face appointments when she is in Australia.



Registered Social Worker (CA)

Registered Family Mediator (CA) 

Level 4 Australian Counselling Association

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